What is it?

The wait is over! If you want to improve your arithmetic without the boring flashcard math apps, MathWiz is the math game for you. You can keep your math skills sharp by playing MathWiz everyday for a couple of minutes.


MathWiz is free just like many other PolyQ apps.

Game Objective

MathWiz is an addictive arithmetic game where the goal is to get to a target number within 2 minutes using only four operations and a set of available numbers. You get points for getting to the exact number or being in 1,2 or 3 point range of the target number.


Can’t get the answer? No problem, use the built in solver to see the easiest way to get to the target number. As you progress through the easy games, change the difficulty to medium or hard for much more challenging target numbers.

Compare yourself to others around the world with the real-time leaderboard.

Get the Game

Click here to get MathWiz from Zune Marketplace!




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