PEG Solitaire


Peg solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. The game was invented by a French aristocrat in the 17th century, when incarcerated in the Bastille. Your objective is to collect all pegs but one by jumping over the peg to be collected. You can move the pegs horizontally or vertically. When you collect all but one peg you win the game. For a prefect game you need to leave the last peg in the center of the board. There are 55 unique levels with the classic board. With three different themes to choose from, you can customize this game to your liking. There is a global leaderboard for you to check your skills against other international PEG Solitaire players! Your 5 star reviews will keep this game free and keep the updates coming. Please let us know your suggestions for improvements!

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As always, this great game is brought to you for FREE!




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